Hi. I’m Devon Miller Handy.


I live in Sherman Oaks, California with my husband Alex. We just bought our first house and it has been the craziest, most ridiculous, most expensive adventure of my entire life. WE HAD FUNGUS IN THE BACKYARD. IT WAS DISGUSTING. Sorry, I really needed to get that out.

By day, I’m the Senior Project Manager for a Los Angeles-based property management company (Read more on my About.Me page). By night, I am Batman. Alex is Robin, and we have the outfits to prove it. I enjoy strong alcoholic drinks, eating brunch outdoors, and my hammock. My favorite show on television is Castle and I have highly inappropriate dreams about both Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.

I have 2 cats, Harold and Maude. I also have a new puppy, Captain James Tiberius Kirk. We call him Ty. I talk about them a lot.

This site started as a fashion blog, and that lasted for 5 hot minutes. I still love fashion and I do occasionally design and sew my own clothing, but I couldn’t handle having my picture taken everyday. It made me think weird things like, “Don’t eat that perfectly delicious hunk of brie cheese!” and, “You need to work out more, even though you’re already running 4 to 5 days a week!” and (my personal favorite), “You’re fat!” So I ended that. There will still occasionally be outfit posts and drool sessions over thousand dollar shoes, but there is going to be noticeably more cat and dog content. And lots of coding tutorials while I teach myself C++ and Objective C.

Alex dresses like the construction worker from the Village People. Well, he does in my dreams. He is an engineer who oversees large public construction sites (like schools) and makes sure all the nerdy things are going smoothly. You should hear him talk about concrete. You’d think he was talking about a pair of Prada heels he scored for $50 from Barney’s sample sale.

I encourage all sorts of comments: don’t like what I’m writing, tell me. Think I’m ugly? Well, nothing I can do about that, but you’re welcome to tell me if that will make you feel better. I love comments, criticism, and opinions! This is the internet, and if I wanted you to stay silent, I would just write in my diary instead.

Email me at devon[at]glamcake[dot]net. I would love to chat.

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