So, let’s talk about something that the Fashion Industry doesn’t really want to talk about: acne.

Ever since I turned 15, I have dealt with chronic acne. I had hoped it would go away in my 20s, but, here I am, in my 20s, dealing with acne like a teenager. It’s a challenge, but I refuse to use any negative words to describe my skin, because that only feeds into what advertisements want us to know: that acne is shameful, nasty, disgusting, and simply unsexy. Now, I’m not saying that acne is wonderful, or that it’s not painful, or that I don’t sometimes get frustrated and upset and sad that my skin seems to be in constant revolt. But I have learned to stop beating myself up for something that is beyond my control. Instead, now, I deal with it. It’s not unsexy, it’s a challenge.

Recently, I switched doctors, and my new doctor is an endocrinologist. One of the first things she said to me when I walked into her office was, “Let me run a hormone panel. I think your hormones are out of whack, and that’s why you have such bad acne.” (Almost an exact quote :D) She took some blood, ran a series of tests, and informed me 3 weeks later that my body has over-produced androgen hormones for some time now. So now I take one little half pill at bed time (a mild hormone blocker), and my skin has never looked better.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, a few reasons: first, I want everyone to know that I’m not ashamed of my skin, and that the solution for me was simple, and yet took many, many years to find. And second, even though my hormones are balancing out, I still have to take care of my skin. I’m so white you can basically see through me, and, as such, I need to really be careful with my fair complexion. I discovered YSL skincare just recently and it has changed my life almost as much as the androgen-blocker pill has.

(Just a note: most of my products are YSL, but that is purely because of my personal preference. I am not being paid for posting this, nor have I ever been given any product by YSL. I just love their stuff and found that it works for me.)


It’s a gentle cleanser, an exfoliant (I only use it about 3 times a week), a mushroom-extract serum, and a rich eye cream. The change in my skin texture has been dramatic. It’s softer, smoother, and it sort of glows, in a totally clich√© kind of way.


This is my makeup routine. I especially love that coral blush. It makes me look like I just finished a brisk walk, which is exactly what blush should to do, in my humble opinion.


I use this powder as a finishing powder. I put it over my liquid foundation and concealer. It’s nice and opaque, and, in a pinch, I can use it in place of my liquid foundation.



The lipgloss is part of YSL’s new holiday line, and it is a very bright, very crazy purple. I wear it when I need a pick-me-up, which is everyday before I get my coffee. The pink is my everyday color.


This is the holiday YSL eyeshadow palette, which I only bought because the woman behind the counter did some sort of voodoo magic with these colors that make my eyes look so bright and clear that I kept checking myself out in the mirror. I have yet to replicate the look, but not for lack of trying.

Tomorrow I’m going to post a how to video (my first!) to show you how I take my skin from acne-scarred (and with the occasional flare up) to smooth and bright thanks to my make up routine. Stay tuned!

What is your makeup/skin care routine? What are your favorite products? Are there any challenges you deal with on a daily basis?

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